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Robotech Industry Panel

Nerds in Court was able to attend the Robotech panel at Comic-Con, as well as talk to Tommy Yune, President of Harmony Gold at their booth, and we’re bringing news for Robotech junkies.

Harmony Gold are in talks with Warner Bros. to do a live action blockbuster adaption in the $100MM+ mark with the full video-game and other tie-ins to boot. One can only imagine the First Robotech War alone would be a Lord of the Rings sized trilogy at a minimum, and even that would cut out a lot of story. Harmony Gold confirmed that Lawrence Kasden (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Empire Strikes Back) will be the screenwriter taking on the task, along with Tobey Maguire (Spiderman) producing and starring, and other large, big names to boot. So far it has the makings of a AAA title judging from the names associated with the project. Yet, no date is set as Harmony Gold are letting their license stay wide open to give Warner Bros. the time to make sure they do it right. When the project does happen, it is sure to be the biggest event at Comic-Con that year. Get in line for 2016?

Likewise, no date is set for a HD redo of the original episodes using modern CGI, though again Mr. Yune knows there is considerable fan interest. There has been substantial work put into restoring and enhancing the old animation, however. In fact, a lot of work has gone into archiving every bit of recording that could be found and Harmony Gold (HG) continues to make these available to fans and cram them into extras on every new complete edition. These range from different music arrangements in battle scenes of early episodes to alternate recordings of “It’s You” with 10 hours and more for the most die-hard fan in various forms. HG continues to document Carl Macek’s legacy with historical completeness and make it available for fans. Further, Frank Catalano, the voice of Rand, wrote a book, “Rand Unwrapped” which tells stories about the early years, including his posing in costume as Rick Hunter for promotional appearances, and his choice to bring an element of Three Stooges’ Curly to Rand’s voice. HG are also using e-books to bring every hard-to-find title to fans that might be looking for obscure titles with small printings. It looks like Harmony Gold’s current focus is primarily on preservation and restoration, though there is a new release planned called Robotech: Love Live Alive, which incorporates new work with unused footage from New Generation. No release date is set yet.

HG has extended the Robotech game license to Palladium, so expect more RPG material. As well, Battletech fans looking for miniatures will be happy to know HG extended the miniature license to Palladium, so expect some Tomahawk (Warhammer) and Super Veritech Armored Valkyrie style (Phoenix Hawk) figurines. In fact, PalladiumBooks.com is supposed to have an open call for sculptors interested in recreating the history and being the designer.

Steven Yun, VP of New Media for Harmony Gold, and Svea Macek, comic artist of Macross #1 (and Carl’s widow) were there at the panel with Mr. Yune to answer questions as well. Hundreds of loyal devotees that will never forget the Daedalus Maneuver or the rise of the SDF-1 at the end of the First Robotech War had crowded into the panel after a long line. Svea Macek was visibly touched and commented how happy Carl would be that over 25 years later his legacy continues to command so many fans worldwide. Yet, until Warner Bros. moves forward, we’ll just have to wait to see Rick and Lisa, Claudia and Roy, Max and Miriya, Breetai and Exedore, and, of course, Khyron and Azonia, on the big screen. Apparently when we do, however, it will be well worth the wait.


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John G. Nowakowski, Esq. (LLMT), is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law, and is licensed to practice law in California and Nevada. Christina R. Evola, Esq. is a recent graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law where her studies focused on intellectual property, antitrust, and media law. She is a lifelong gamer and avid cosplayer. DISCLAIMER: ‘Nerds in Court’ is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing should be construed as legal advice, or any advice for that matter, and no attorney-client relationship is formed by reading these posts. Do not consider information provided here as a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a qualified, licensed attorney in your state.


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