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Game developer Double Fine released ‘Trenched’ as a downloadable game for Xbox 360. A popular multiplayer game, ‘Trenched’ involves warfare with mechs/towers that players pilot and manage. It is set in an alternate reality where battlemechs are used post-WWI and designed by Tim Schafer of ‘Brutal Legend’ and ‘Psychonauts’ fame. ‘Trenched’ has a metacritic score of 87 and costs ~$15 to download. Unfortunately for Microsoft and Double Fine, there is a Portuguese board game called ‘Trench’ which is registered in Europe for trademark with board and computer game rights. Effectively, it might be argued that ‘Trenched’ infringes on the possibility of a computer release of ‘Trench’ and Double Fine doesn’t want to take any chances. Thus, ‘Trenched’ will now be renamed ‘Iron Brigade’ and users will be treated to some free downloadable content, including new modes, costumes, weapons, and other treats when the name change goes into effect later this month. Who said it is only the lawyers that profit from litigation?


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