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ThinkOptics or ThinkOptical, makers of the Wavit Remote Control, have filed suit in the Eastern District of Texas against Nintendo for patent infringement in making the famous Wii Remote and Console. The makers of Wavit are having to wait in line behind companies like IA Labs, Hillcrest Labs, Interlink Electronics, and numerous others who have claimed the same thing: we invented the Wii technology. The current suit has also included GameStop, JC Penney, Radio Shack and others. One can wonder if this multiplicity of lawsuits will give Nintendo an ‘inevitable discovery’ defense. One can also wonder how ThinkOptics didn’t think of or see a patent infringement until 5 years after the Wii released.


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John G. Nowakowski, Esq. (LLMT), is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law, and is licensed to practice law in California and Nevada. Christina R. Evola, Esq. is a recent graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law where her studies focused on intellectual property, antitrust, and media law. She is a lifelong gamer and avid cosplayer. DISCLAIMER: ‘Nerds in Court’ is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing should be construed as legal advice, or any advice for that matter, and no attorney-client relationship is formed by reading these posts. Do not consider information provided here as a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a qualified, licensed attorney in your state.


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